What We Do

Department of Family Support and Community Engagement (FSACE)

FSACE works to help stabilize and support families and individuals on a path to self-sufficiency.

CEDA’s Department of Family Support and Community Engagement (FSACE) offers a range of services to Suburban Cook County residents, which assist low-income people in attaining skills, knowledge and the resources necessary to achieve self-sufficiency. The program may also provide direct client assistance to help remove barriers to self-sufficiency. Clients must sign and comply with a service agreement to be eligible for direct client assistance.

475 Families SERVED FY2017



$164,429.00awarded in scholarships fY2017

Auto Repair Program

For households enrolled in FSACE case management. Program provides financial assistance for auto repairs to remove barriers to employment, education or health maintenance. Payment is made directly to approved mechanics or repair shops..

Dental Care Program

For households enrolled in FSACE case management. Program provides financial assistance for dental services to remove barriers to employment, education, health maintenance. Payment is made directly to approved dental care providers.

Employment Services Program

Program provides job skills enhancements for unemployed FSACE eligible participants through the services and expertise of a contracted employment service provider.

Family Nutrition Program

CEDA collaboration with the Greater Chicago Food Depository and local member agencies to provide access to fresh, nutritious, high-quality produce and nutrition education to eligible families throughout suburban Cook County.

Family Support and Case Management

Program provides short-term case management services to families seeking financial assistance through other FSACE programs. Case management includes assessment of family needs and assists in the development of the Family Action Plan, information and referral, financial literacy, nutrition education and enrollment in other FSACE, agency and community programs. Client may be eligible for financial assistance to address other barriers. Any financial assistance will be paid directly to approved provider .

Rental Assistance

Program provides household budgeting and financial assistance for delinquent or first month’s rent in order to maintain or achieve affordable housing. Contact 1-877-426-6515 for agency referral.

Information and Referral Assistance

Suburban Cook County residents may be able to receive assistance with referrals and resource information.

Vision Care Program

The Vision Care Program offers FSACE-eligible individuals or households assistance for professional optical services, an eye exam and/or eye glasses to correct a vision impairment.

  • Not knowing which way to go to feed my family but thanks to God, he made a way for my family. The Food Program has really been a blessing to me and my family when my food supply is low. The distribution site at the church is totally a blessing in the community.

    -Robert F.

  • Anita F. was able to secure employment within 3 weeks of completing the job readiness training. The one job was not enough money for her to sustain so she was referred for a second job which she also landed. The two companies have let her customize her schedules since she has proven herself to be a go-getter, dependable and works with a sense of urgency and pride. She took advantage of the things that were taught to here in Job Readiness including if you cannot secure one great job, secure two jobs that will add up to the pay you need to run your household. Anita has successfully completed her 90-day probation with both companies. She reached self-sufficiency and now is maintaining it – she did everything with a sense of purpose and pride.