What You Can Do

Easiest way to apply for Jobs at CEDA

Consider this...

Are you currently a CEDA Employee? (this does not include individuals staffed at CEDA by "staffing agencies" or "partner organizations)

If you are currently a CEDA employee, then double-click on the job description of interest, read it as necessary and "email your resume and a letter of intent" to hr@cedaorg.net.

Current CEDA Employees do not have to include the CEDA Employment Application.


If you are not currently an employee of CEDA (this would include individuals who may be staffed at CEDA by staffing agencies and/or partner organizations, but are not Employee's of CEDA); please do the following:
  1. Click on the the Job description of interest - read, print, or download at will
  2. Download the CEDA Employment Application fill it out. (click here to download CEDA Employment Application).
  3. Send both the CEDA Employment Application and your Resume to hr@cedaorg.net


CEDA will only accept resumes and applications for open advertised or listed positions within the time frame indicated for each position. Unsolicited resumes and resumes received after the closing date for a position will not be considered or retained. Applicants must clearly and specifically identify the position for which they are applying. We appreciate your interest in CEDA.

It is the policy of the Community and Economic Development Association, Inc. to implement affirmatively, equal opportunity to all qualified employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, creed, color, age, sex, national origin, or physical handicap, and positive action shall be taken to ensure the fulfillment of this policy. Also included in this policy are veterans of the United States military.

Open Positions

Thank you for your interest in CEDA. Please click on the job title below to view the job description. Interested Applicants should forward resumes listing Position Announcement (PA)# and Job Title to hr@cedaorg.net


Energy - Furnace Program Manager


CEDA Central - Cheif Development Officer


FSACE - Program Assistant II


Weatherization - Training Coordinator


FSACE - Financial Program Specialist


WIC - Intake Specialist


WIC - Nutritionist CHP