CEDA and The Village of Hazel Crest

Welcome, Hazel Crest Residents,

Greetings to all of our cherished community members,

Our beautiful Village of Hazel Crest has always been characterized by its resilience, unity, and the spirit of helping one another. In these challenging economic times, I want each one of you to remember that you’re not alone; your village stands with you.

To ensure that no resident feels unsupported, we’re proud to collaborate with CEDA, an organization that mirrors our ethos of community upliftment. CEDA offers a myriad of services aimed at assisting those of us who might be facing hardships. From utility assistance to employment support, their resources are vast and tailored to meet varied needs.

I urge you to make the most of this partnership. Below, you’ll find a direct link to CEDA’s website. Whether you’re seeking assistance or simply wish to learn more, I encourage you to take a moment to explore the available resources.

Remember, Hazel Crest is not just a place; it’s our home. Together, we can navigate through any challenge and emerge stronger.

Wishing you strength, hope, and brighter days ahead.


Village President Vernard Alsberry, Jr.