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From April 18 – 22, vote on which of these dedicated individuals should represent Chicagoland communities on our Board of Directors.

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To better serve Chicagoland, CEDA is bringing a new community representatives onto our Board of Directors! If you live in Suburban Cook County, please read about the candidates and cast your vote below.

The Candidates

Cynthia Travis


About Cynthia
I am a proven leader with thirty-plus years at Bank of America, during which time I received my title of Assistance Vice President. I have been recognized for outstanding interpersonal, problem solving, analytical, and organizational skills, and have served as a Bank Trainer and Administrator Assistant.

In addition, during the pandemic I worked with students during as they learned through E-Learning and served as Greater Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church property manager with a total of eighteen apartments.

What do you think you can contribute to CEDA as a Board Member?
I can contribute time, talents, and good feedback. Also, I work as a good team member.

Why are you interested in becoming a CEDA Board Member?
I feel I will be a good candidate as I am always educating seniors about what CEDA offers. There are so many individuals – not just seniors – who don’t know about the programs.

Jessica Watkins


About Jessica
As a parent, citizen, and individual, I understand the important of treasuring our history and protecting our future to not make the same mistakes. I am dedicated in uniting a community to guide the most significant part of our future – our youth and the next generation – to lead the world and tell our history.

Other Volunteer Work
Executive Secretary, United States Minority Contractors Association, Treasury, Parent Teacher Organization, Head Board Member , Splash-N-Play Co. (self-owned)

What do you think you can contribute to CEDA as a Board Member?
I have a startup company that will be empowering the Southland area for the advancement of our youth and the future of the Cook County Area, especially the minority communities. With that I am driven, hard working, and dedicated to bringing change. I am also very excited to learn more about CEDA programs and services to help those in need.

Why are you interested in becoming a CEDA Board Member?
I am a resident of the Southland community and I am also focused on investing in the Southland community. I know I will gain valuable knowledge (which I’m eager to learn!) to help my community more efficiently. I will also be able to share my experience living within the Southland community.

Cherylette Hilton


About Cherylette
My goal is to hold a position where my experience can contribute to the success of the organization. My background is as a Real Estate Broker selling residential and investment properties in the Chicago and North Shore areas. I am always willing to learn new and exciting things about engaging with the public in any area.

Other Volunteer Work
Bass Tribes Nations, LLC., Arts of Evolutions Theatre, EPD Task Force, Reba Fellowship, H.E. Lane Center for Positive Change, Mt. Pisgah Ministry, ECDC, Mothers Against Gangs, NSBAR, and more

What do you think you can contribute to CEDA as a Board Member?
In my 40 years of public service in this community working as a Realtor and on the Board of many nonprofit organizations, I bring quality service and a positive attitude.

Why are you interested in becoming a CEDA Board Member?
To become a Community Representative for underprivileged residents.

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