What We Do

Housing Services

CEDA’s Housing Counseling Program delivers FREE comprehensive counseling services to homebuyers, homeowners, very-low to moderate income renters and the homeless in Cook County, Illinois.

The CEDA Housing Department is a counseling program designed to educate, inform, assess, listen, and find creative ways to empower families and individuals in acquiring and maintaining affordable housing. Shelter services include homeless male veterans transitioning from homelessness to transitional housing located in Chicago Heights, IL.

564 Clients served - PY2018




CEDA’s Housing Program—funded by local, state, and federal organizations and partners—is a comprehensive housing counseling program focused on helping families remain in or obtain affordable housing.

CEDA works collectively with lenders to work out payment plans for those seeking mortgage delinquency assistance.  The Housing Program also works with over 100 landlords throughout suburban Cook County to place extremely low income families in temporary and affordable housing.

All families and individuals are eligible for personalized counseling services. A housing counselor will be assigned to each household to help assess housing situation and determine housing service needs.

Transitional Housing for Homeless "Men" Veterans.

This program is a federally funded program designed to provide temporary housing for up to two years to homeless veterans needing supportive services. All clients live in an independent living environment, providing tools and skills to help achieve self-sufficiency and improve their quality of life. Space is limted to a maximum of 12 beds.

Home buying/Pre-purchase Counseling

CEDA provides one-on-one and group counseling to those that are seeking to purchase housing. Pre-purchase counseling includes an analysis of the client’s financial situation to determine the feasibility of purchasing versus renting and the price range that the client can reasonably afford. The client will walk away learning the ins and outs of the home buying process, including real estate and mortgage terminology, financing alternatives, and fair housing laws.

Permanent Housing for Individuals and Families through the Rental Housing Support Program:

This program is a state funded program designed to provide rent subsidies to tenants living in RHS units across suburban Cook County.  All eligible tenants must come from the CEDA WAITING LIST and must be at or below 30 percent of the area median income. For example, an individual must gross at or below $16,170 and a family of four must gross at or below $23,700.  Other restrictions may apply.  Space is limited to eighty-five (89) rental subsidies.  Currently, the CEDA waiting list has been officially closed until further notice.

Rental Counseling

CEDA provides one-on-one and group counseling to those that are seeking the need to avoid eviction. This type of counseling includes a financial analysis to determine how much rent the client can afford to pay and alternative should renting not be affordable. All rental clients are advised on their rights under fair housing laws and local ordinances related to landlord/-tenant relations.

Financial Management/Budget Counseling

CEDA provides one-on-one and group counseling to those that are seeking to balance their budget or those that have credit issues. Other options, such as refinancing home loans or home equity loans may be discussed pending client eligibility.

Mortgage Delinquency and Mortgage Default Counseling

CEDA provides one-on-one and group counseling to those seeking to address the need for assistance in avoiding foreclosure or accessing alternative housing to prevent homelessness. Mortgage delinquency/mortgage default counseling includes an analysis of the client’s financial situation to determine the options available to cure the delinquency/default. Budget counseling is required to assist the client in maximizing his or her available resources. When the budget is determined, the counselor usually contacts the lender to determine the feasibility of entering into a reinstatement plan or forbearance agreement. Other options on how to avoid foreclosure is also discussed. All Clients must prove owner occupancy.

  • I will always be grateful to the staff at South Suburban Housing Initiative "Veterans Program" for their loving words, direction, interaction, passion and all-around job experience that really works. I am a product of their passion for their job. Words are not enough, I am so grateful for them and this program.

    -Dan Brown