Uplift Harvey

Empowering teens and young adults in Harvey to identify the problems in their community and build the solutions.

A young man with dark hair stands in front of the Harvey Boxing Club

Community Driven, Youth Led

Our three-year project in partnership with the Robin Hood Foundation Mobility LABs is designed to mobilize households in Harvey, IL out of poverty.

Residents and community stakeholders identified lack of Youth Engagement as a major contributor to poverty, crime, mental health challenges, and a range of other issues in Harvey. So, we got to work collaborating with teens, young adults, partner organizations, and local businesses to build new programs and initiatives centered around meaningful engagement.

Summer internship program

Poverty is a Crisis


of Harvey adults who are ages 16-64 do not work


of adults in Harvey have less than a high school education


of Harvey’s children live in poverty, compared to the 20% county average

Economic Mobility

Work opportunities provide immediate financial relief, while teaching transferrable skills for future employment.

Through a virtual job readiness program, teens and young adults got personalized career advice, learned to market themselves, and homed in on a satisfying career path. In addition to job readiness, we facilitated 41 internships – 18 with CEDA and another 23 with community partners.

Belonging & Inclusion

Youth need plenty of things to do in the community year-round. They believe having structured activities and opportunities will help them feel more connected, while decreasing violence.

Since launching in May 2021, Uplift Harvey has established a local garden and held resource fairs, distributing funds to fuel engaging, revitalizing activities and events. Hundreds of residents of all ages have been engaged via Uplift Harvey.

Power & Autonomy

Getting involved in government makes people feel empowered to create change. Understanding location politics and policies, as well as how to connect with local officials, helps us make sense of the world and feel inspired to change it.

Uplift Harvey increased youth knowledge about local government by 47%, equipping them with the problem-solving skills and information needed for grassroots change.

You Empower Harvey

Showing the community that we are committed to this work – to being a true partner – is essential for success. Residents don’t respond to promises, they respond to action.

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