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Gas and Electric

Heat and electric assistance through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), Peoples Gas Share the Warmth program, and ComEd Residential Hardship program.


Services are available to Cook County residents who are in need of financial assistance. Please contact one of our intake sites for more information on how to apply.

What is it?

LIHEAP makes your gas and electric bills more affordable.

Peoples Gas Share the Warmth provides energy assistance to senior citizens, individuals with disabilities and those whose immediate financial resources simply cannot cover their home-heating expenses.

ComEd Residential Hardship program helps customers who need assistance paying their electric bill because of job loss, illness, military deployment, disability, or as a senior citizen.

How does it help?

LIHEAP provides a rate reduction for your gas and electric bills, no disconnection or debt collection on ComEd or Peoples Gas debt, and debt forgiveness after successfully completing one full year in the program.

Peoples Gas Share the Warmth provides up to $200 to put toward Peoples Gas home-heating bills.

ComEd Residential Hardship provides up to $500 once every two years to put toward ComEd electric bills.

Do I Qualify?

To qualify, you must meet the new, expanded income guidelines. For Peoples Gas Share the Warmth and ComEd Residential Hardship, your primary residence must be a limited or fixed income household.

If you’ve already completed LIHEAP application, you can check the status by clicking the button below.

If you’ve already completed an application for ComEd Peoples Gas Share the Warmth or ComEd Residential Hardship, you can check the status by calling CEDA’s Call Center at (800) 571-2332.

What do I need to do?

Review income guidelines, application dates, and what documents you need to apply.
You can apply from the safety of your home by completing a pre-application online at, finding a CEDA site at or contacting us at 800-571-2332 if you have questions.

You may be eligible for other programs

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