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Family Support and Community Engagement

Summer Camp Assistance Available!

Get up to $400 in assistance to send your kids to the summer camp of your choice. To apply, call our team at 312-795-8948.

What is it?


FsACE is a “case management” program that looks at your needs and builds you a path toward self-sufficiency.


CEDA has added NEW COVID-19 Crisis Response programs to help families and communities.

This new program is designed to support households who have experienced lay offs, a death in the family, reduced wages, children being at home, medical expenses, additional food expenses, and more.

How does it help?

  • DENTAL AND VISION services, like dental exams, eye exams, and glasses.
  • TRANSPORTATION HELP with car repairs, bus cards, and gas cards
  • SCHOLARSHIPS for post-secondary education available starting 4/23/2021.
  • JOB PREP & COUNSELING including vocational training and job placement.
  • FRESH PRODUCE and nutrition education.
  • ADDITIONAL FUNDS for your unique needs, like beds, replacement IDs, GED fees, and beyond. 
NEW COVID-19 Response Program Benefits
  • PAYMENTS on your rent, mortgage, water bill, and phone bill
  • ONLINE LEARNING essentials for students K-8 including laptops
  • MEDICAL COSTS for supplies and prescriptions
  • FOOD BOX DELIVERIES for seniors and the homebound
  • TRANSPORTATION costs, like registration fees 

Do I qualify?

To qualify for all FsACE services, you must live in suburban Cook County and meet the NEW, EXPANDED income guidelines. 

Gross Income Guidelines
Household Size 30-Day Annual
1 $1,342 $16,100
2 $1,815 $21,775
3 $2,288 $27,450
4 $2,760 $33,125
5 $3,233 $38,800
6 $3,706 $44,475
7 $4,179 $50,150
8 $4,652 $55,825

To qualify for the COVID-related benefits, you or a member of your household need to be an essential employee or have experienced: 

A JOB LOSS, reduction in hours, or increase in household expense
ILLNESS related to COVID
THE DEATH of a household member related to COVID 

To qualify for Employment Barrier Reduction Program benefits, you need to be employed, seeking employment, or enrolled in an employment/vocational training program and:

  • Get SNAP benefits or part of an active SNAP household
  • Be eligible for SNAP benefits with a pending application
  • Were removed from SNAP due to benefit time limits within the past 9 months and
    are an able-bodied adult without dependents

What do I need to do? Pre-apply Today!

Call (312) 795-8948. You’ll need these documents; DL or State ID, Consular Identification Card, SS Card for all household members, previous 30 days income. We’ll let you know if other documents are needed. 

You may be eligible for other programs

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