It’s about impact, kindness and changing the world starting with our community first. Together we can change the course for families throughout the Chicagoland area.

Opportunities and tools for thousands of people

For a community struggling during one of the hardest years in recent history.

In the Chicagoland area, the most vulnerable populations face the threats of COVID-19, racial injustices and shrinking job opportunities. The year 2020 and all its challenges has made the need to diminish poverty more urgent than ever.

A Black father holds his little girl, who lays against his chest in pigtails.

Monthly Gifts Empower Communities

TOGETHER, we can transform the future for families who have endured generations of institutional poverty without resources and a voice for far too long.

“COVID-19 has magnified the deep-rooted issues of poverty. Senior citizens and the disabled struggle to safely go outside for critical needs like food and medicine. African Americans are six times more likely to die of this disease and most profoundly impacted by job loss.

Our clients are really struggling.”

John Pady, Chief Expansion Officer – CEDA

The Need is Clear

Nearly 68% of Chicago’s coronavirus deaths have involved African Americans, who make up only about 30% of Chicago’s total population. The sobering statistics suggest black Chicagoans are dying at a rate nearly six times greater than white residents.

Individuals over 60, especially those with underlying health conditions, have been shown to be a particular risk for severe health implications from COVID-19. Low-income senior citizens are placed in a position of greater fragility and isolation by the lockdown and continued social distancing.

53% of households with children reported loss of employment income in Chicagoland since quarantine began, as compared to 48% of the general population.

In the Chicago Metropolitan Area, 21% of households did not have enough to eat sometimes, or often in the last 7 days, following loss of employment income after the stay-at-home order. Prior to the pandemic, only 10% of the population was in this circumstance.

58% of Latinx households reported a loss in employment income in the Chicagoland area, making it more common for the Latinx community. This is compared to 48% among Blacks and 44% among non-Hispanic Whites.

822,000 people in Chicagoland are living in poverty and this continues to rise. Our neighbors are struggling to pay bills and afford basic necessities.

The Answer is Sprout

sprout is a passionate and determined group of monthly givers on a mission to diminish poverty in the Chicagoland area. People, like you, who are giving what they can shows how unstoppable we are when we work together.

Like in nature, sprout members are full of promise and hope for new potential. Together, we can nurture struggling communities and provide new opportunities – such as job training, educational programs and affordable housing. Neighbors who have been struggling for generations can finally be empowered to realize their full potential.

Join this incredible community of change makers!

You. Chicagoland. The World.

As a sprout member, you will feel connected to a larger purpose. You can see your investment at work through exclusive program updates. You are a change maker. You can give poverty its place in the history books.

You will be investing in shaping stronger communities within Chicagoland. You ensure the creation of innovative solutions – including the development of affordable housing, new training and educational programs – to diminish poverty in our own backyard.

You may not be making history, but you are making a place in history. You will put more goodness in the world through sprout. With income and education, the future begins to look different from the past. The individuals and families you are empowering will be able to change their lives and the lives around them. Your support today, will change the future.

A woman looks up toward a sunny sky, smiling at what the future holds.

You Belong Here

This incredible community of generous and passionate people needs YOU. With your support, we’re investing in the future. CEDA, with our nearly 54 years of experience proudly serving Chicagoland communities, will ensure your hard-earned dollars are put toward doing the most good.

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