MLK and Lyndon B Johnson

May is Community Action Month

May is National Community Action Month (NCAM)! Community Acton Agencies has been a central pivotal force in eradicating poverty for low-income families and individuals for over 50 years. Community Action embraces the obligation to ensure that the barriers of structural racism, gender inequalities, and other inequities are addressed. Especially during these times of crisis and […]

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Building Resilience in Our Clients and Communities

Poverty has a great impact in our communities. At an essential level, every parent wants to provide for their children- food, clothing and shelter. For those recently unemployed or the more than 800K people living below the federal poverty line in Cook County, surviving with less than $1,600 a month, these basic needs are a […]

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President Lyndon B. Johnson

Community Action: Our Beginning

  In the 1960’s, over one fifth of the population was living below the poverty line. They were the invisible poor, unskilled workers, migrant farm workers, minorities, people for whom work was sporadic, demeaning and demoralizing. They were damaged in body and spirit, existing at levels beneath those necessary for human decency. They were hungry […]

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