Community Action Month

May is Community Action Month

Join us in celebrating 56 years of impact. Learn more in our kick-off message from our CEO

and learn more about our history steeped in equality for all in our recent blog.

Celebrating 56 Years

of service in the most vulnerable communities

1,000+ National Members

fighting in the War on Poverty

Reaching 15 million

income burden individuals each year

Our Impact

To capture the change Community Action Agencies are creating throughout the nation, view our most recent impact report gathered by the National Community Action Partnership.

Local Impact

CEDA has been a leading Community Action Agency for the residents of Cook County for over 50 years. We are committed, now more than ever, to continuing to mobilize our communities out of poverty.

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Join Us!

Join us in this national movement to end poverty.

Join the many Friends of CEDA

who are committed to ending poverty in Cook County.

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Read our latest blog

about the origins of Community Action

Find out more on how we are fighting to end poverty

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