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Uplifting Harvey

CEDA is being funded by the Robin Hood Foundation Mobility LABs to create a project in Harvey for three years to produce sustainable mobility from poverty.  The project must be chosen and designed by the residents.

Over the last few months CEDA’s ENGAGE Harvey Initiative sat down with low-income residents and community stakeholders to collect their ideas for transforming the city. Residents narrowed the project choices down to three areas of focus; City Revitalization, Youth Engagement, and Building Skills for Self-Reliance.

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The Community Voted

Three community-created project proposals were launched in December 2020. Harvey voted on which one they wanted to see enacted over the next three years. Stay tuned! We’ll announce the winner soon.

It is your community, your voice, your choice.

Why Harvey?


of Harvey adults ages 16-64 do not work.


of adults in Harvey have less than a high school education


of Harvey’s children live in poverty

Our Work

With more than 50 years of work in the Chicagoland area, we identified Harvey, IL for our program and have held 20 focus groups. The program has been designed to approach the community of Harvey, IL, in Cook County’s south-west suburbs, and hear insight from the residents, leaders, and stakeholders on how to address gaps in the process for getting individuals out of poverty.

Please visit our blog for more details on our work so far!

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The Program

We are proud to partner with Robin Hood Mobility Learning and Action Bets – or Mobility LABs – to identify innovative solutions for those living in poverty to become self-sufficient. Funded by major donors, including Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, it supports local partners, like CEDA.
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