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Imagine the moment in your life when you discovered a passion or explored a new opportunity. The time your eyes were opened to a world of possibilities. The instant your vision of your future became clear.

You have the power to create THE MOMENT for others with a gift of $83 a month.

Meet Miso

Miso is a sophomore in high school passionate about protecting the environment and securing our planet’s future. She believes the strength of our planet is linked to our health and overall well-being. We do, too.

When Miso got her Green Generation Workforce Initiative certificate, she had THE MOMENT. She moved from thinking about change to creating it. Her immediate goal is to start locally by making a safe environment for youth. And her big dream is to become an international lawyer in environmental justice, so she can help marginalized people protect their environment all over the world.

The biggest barrier for students like Miso is a lack of resources in their communities. You can create change for students like Miso.

Miso is a mixed-race woman with short, black hair. She is working in the CEDA training center with her cohort.

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You have the power to create 'THE MOMENT'

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