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Our national impact report showcases the needs of over 50 million Americans living in poverty – unable to afford basic needs like medicine, transportation, health care and food.

We as a nation must be focused on actionWelcome to Community Action.  

We connect families to help them succeed while promoting community-wide solutions to address the challenges in their lives.  CEDA, as a Community Action Agency in Chicagoland, is able to survey our communities with the intentions of creating programs to empower these vulnerable individuals to see the vision of prosperity for themselves.

We lift up their voice and their stories.

Tina is one of our clients whose story is a true testament to our impact and our mission to be the foundation of creating safe, healthy, and prosperous households to uphold our communities.











When Tina first walked into our office she was near a state of panic. A mother, widower, part-time employee and facing eviction, she was not looking for assistance but an opportunity to change. After receiving funding for training through our FsACE Vocational Skills Training program, Tina was able to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License and now able support her family in ways she didn’t believe was possible.

This is the story for many of our clients and what motivates us to continue the work we do each day. We, as a community action agency, have committed ourselves to addressing the needs of our communities by providing resources that truly change their lives.

Utilizing our Community Needs Assessment we have been able to establish a strategic approach that addresses families like Tina’s with the resources they need to succeed.

Tina’s story and those of our other client success, motivates us to continue to move the needle on poverty and shows us that this work matters.

What motivates you?

To engage with our communities partners and YOU, our fellow soldiers of this fight against poverty, we would like to complete our Community Motivation Survey Today!





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