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COVID Relief Program

Through the CARES Act, we have new and expanded services for household impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

Program Benefits

This new program is designed to support households who have experienced layoffs, a death in the family, reduced wages, children being at home, medical expenses, additional food expenses, and more.

  • PAYMENTS on your rent, mortgage, water bill, and phone bill
  • ONLINE LEARNING essentials for students K-8 including laptops
  • MEDICAL COSTS for supplies and prescriptions
  • FOOD BOX DELIVERIES for seniors and the homebound
  • TRANSPORTATION costs, like registration fees

Before You Apply

Step One
Check the Eligibility Guidelines

To qualify for the COVID-related benefits, you or a member of your household need to be an essential employee or have experienced: 

  • A JOB LOSS, reduction in hours, or increase in household expense
  • ILLNESS related to COVID
  • THE DEATH of a household member related to COVID 

Gross Income Eligibility Guidelines

Family Size 30 Days


1 $2,147.00 $25,760.00
2 $2,903.00 $34,840.00
3 $3,660.00 $43,920.00
4 $4,417.00 $53,000.00
5 $5,173.00 $62,080.00
6 $5,930.00 $71,160.00
7 $6,687.00 $80,240.00
8 $7,443.00 $89,320.00
For each additional person add yearly $9,080.00
Step two
Get Your Documents Ready
  • State issued ID photo or photocopy
    • Driver’s License, State ID, or CID
  • Wages
  • Unemployment benefits
  • TANF, Social Security Benefits, AABD, etc.

Mail Your Application and Documents

Please print out your application. You can fax the application and copies of your documents to (312) 674-7523 or mail to one of the following locations:

CEDA Harvey
53 East 154th St
Harvey, IL 60426

CEDA Cicero
6141 W Roosevelt Rd
Cicero, IL 60804

CEDA Evanston
2010 Dewey Ave, Room 308
Evanston, IL 60201

Next Steps

Our team will be in touch within the next week! We will call, text, or email you using the information on your application.

Once you have completed your application with a member of our team, it can take 1-2 weeks for approval.

You may be eligible for other programs

Please review our Find Services page to learn more.