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Water assistance

This program provides water debt relief in partnership with the City of Chicago’s Utility Billing Relief program (UBR) for qualifying Chicago residents.

What is it?

UBR makes your water, sewer and water-sewer tax bills more affordable.

How does it help?

You receive:

50% rate reduction for your water, sewer and water-sewer tax bills

No shut off, penalties or debt collection on City of Chicago utility billing debt

Debt forgiveness after successfully completing one full year in the program

Do I qualify?

To qualify your primary residence must be a single-family home or two-flat connected to your City of Chicago utility bill. You must also meet the new, expanded income guidelines.

Income Guidelines
Income Eligibility Guidelines (Gross Income)
Household Size 30-Day Gross Income
1 $2,147
2 $2,903
3 $3,660
4 $4,417
5 $5,173
6 $5,930
7 $6,590
8 $6,737

What do I need to do?

Apply today from the safety of your home at Start your application to see if your property qualifies.

Note: All application paths for new UBR applicants may also be used by existing UBR customers to re-enroll.

If you have questions, please contact the City’s Utility Billing & Customer Service Center at
(312) 744-4426.

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