Can I have a Seat at the Table?

I Dream of a Better Future

I grew up in Harvey helping my dad and uncles fix up our old house. They taught me not only how to build, but also how to create.

Unfortunately, our community is going through rough times. My mom lost her job at the end of last year, and it doesn’t look like she will find one soon. My dad tries to find odd jobs for extra money.

I never thought I would graduate high school, always thinking I would have to leave school and help make money for the family.

The young man is holding a textbook and standing against a yellow background.
A young black man sits with his legs crossed holding his laptop in front of a white brick wall.

Building My Future

My mom always tells me to put good in the world – a main reason I want to build things.

Completing the Building Science program at CEDA’s Training Center will help me to begin a career in construction to create a better future for myself, my family and other young people – all while REBUILDING Chicagoland!

Invest in a Better Future

You can help with your gift of $100.

Right now – like everyone – I’m sitting at home with my family, waiting to move forward with my life. The CEDA trainers are experienced professionals who I know I’ll learn a lot from. I’m eager to start, begin a career and the fix my neighborhood!

Please help CEDA train more people – and fulfill my dream too.


The young man stands smiling with his arms crossed wearing a smart blue work shirt.