“Now, more than ever, timely & efficient emergency support for our clients is critical. Our Weatherization team continues their work to stabilize our clients and communities throughout Cook County.

We know how challenging this time can be for our clients. While Utility companies are suspending shut-offs, many economically challenged individuals and families still face issues in their home.  With job loss growing, many are forced to make a decision between basic needs, like medicine, food and heat for their home. These stressors coupled with homeschooling and dealing with the emotional trauma of missing key moments has left many in despair.   

They are women like Angie, a single mom in Tinley Park. With support from CEDA, she was able to replace her furnace to heat her home, support her kids through this “new normal” and build for the future.  

When businesses began closing, Angie found herself without a job and steady income to support her family. Then, her furnace stopped working leaving her and children to brave the chilly weather. After receiving sky-high quotes to install a used furnace – which could lead to deadly carbon monoxide poisoning – Angies friend recommended she call CEDA. Within 24 hours, CEDA was able to connect with our partners, suit up and replaced her furnace.   

That’s not all, CEDA also provided a carbon monoxide and smoke detector and a smart thermostat with topics on how she can save energy and lower her bills.

“This was just one of many ways CEDA builds resilience in the lives of those we serve. Our work provides the opportunity for our clients to overcome the obstacles that many low-income people face.” – John Pady, Director of Weatherization, CEDA, pictured above

Our Utility Program Manager, Salina Colon, has stayed in touch and ensured Angie and her family feel supported during this time of isolation. Connecting her with our other services, like FsACE, and encouraging her to stay positive.   

Angie and her beautiful children.

Now, today and for years to come, this young mother has one less obstacle to overcome and has the opportunity to build for a stronger future, for herself and her children.   

We’d like to thank our partners Resources Innovations, NICOR, D&R Construction and Nick & Eddie Construction for the opportunity to support our community.  


As we live out this unprecedented COVID-19 situation together, our focus will be keeping essential services available to people in crisis, and to help our residents and neighbors who are unable to meet their basic needs.   

If you, or someone you love needs Weatherization support and to receive announcements when NEW applications will be accepted or when in-home services will resume, please contact us at [email protected] to ensure you are alerted on all future updates. 


To support our ongoing work, consider a gift to our emergency fund. DONATE HERE!

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  1. I applied for weatherization thru the Ceda pre/application. They then sent me a letter to finish the application thru an intake site which happened to be PLOWS. They said they aren’t informed on how to do that. Please advise. I live in Oak Lawn, Illinois. ALSO my name on the letter is wrong
    Your records are: BECINA

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