CEDA in the Neighborhood

The unique effects of the famous Chicago Fire and it’s formerly stated “fire limits’ are what drove out the city’s first wave of working-class homeowners to what we now refer to as the suburbs. One of the oldest suburbs west of the city is the Town of Cicero, IL. The 5.5. square mile town of […]

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Erin Dowland Kabwe joins CEDA

In August, we welcomed our new Chief Development Officer, Erin Dowland Kabwe.  She has devoted her entire career to service with almost 20 years of diverse, global experience in fundraising and community development. Her journey to CEDA began many years ago and is lit by amazing achievements along the way. A highlight in Erin’s career […]

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Bernida looks into the distance with a determined look on her face.

Client Spotlight: Meet Bernida

CEDA staff recently got in touch with Bernida who spoke out about CEDA’s Energy Services Programs and the relief gained from the help on her gas and light bill. Bernida described her experiences with having to use the program when she had no other way to have her utilities turned on and how she now shares this information with her […]

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