Unite Us Partnership

Connecting Health and Social Care

CEDA is proud to be a convening partner with Unite Us, the nation’s leading health technology company.  Unite Us is a coordinated care network of health and social service providers, bringing cross-sector partners together to address people’s social needs and improve health outcomes across communities in Illinois.

We believe no matter who you are and no matter what zip code you live in, optimal service care should be equally as important as healthcare.

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Connecting Health and Social Care

This community impact platform fully aligns with the strictest federal privacy regulations to make it easier to connect people to the services they need while protecting their information beyond the bare minimum that the law requires.

Partner to partner, we’d love to tell you more about how Unite Us creates a smooth client experience. Book a 30 minute consultation with CEDA Chief Development Officer, Erin Dowland Kabwe, now.

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More Ways to Partner

There are more ways to partner with CEDA and invest in transforming Chicagoland.

Rebuilding Together. Stronger.

Join us as we build back an equitable Chicagoland.

Contact Erin Dowland Kabwe, Chief Development Officer, to discuss how we can partner to end poverty.