Text on a pink background that says: Women throughout Chicagoland Need YOU. Women in the workforce fell 15.1% because of the pandemic - almost twice as much as men. Working mothers were hit especially hard, as many of them left the labor force entirely.When Tina came to CEDA, she was struggling to keep a home for her children, working part-time, and just trying to get by. She was two months behind in rent, at risk of eviction, and desperate to find a better job to keep her and her family from becoming homeless.

She needed help.

Tina came to CEDA and started working with Kori, a CEDA Vocational Program Specialist – who first assisted in finding rental assistance so Tina could avoid eviction. Finally, with someone in her corner, Tina realized her dream of getting her commercial driver’s license to become a professional truck driver could become a reality. Kori helped her enroll in truck driving training and she became one of the fastest to finish her certification. She also scored 100% on every element of her training, which helped her maximize her earning potential

You can invest in more women like Tina NOW.
Tina sits in the driver's seat of her big rig.
Tina changed her life in partnership with CEDA. Help empower more women now.

Tina went from $6.50-an-hour bartending to a $20.75-an-hour full-time paycheck with full health benefits! She also participated in CEDA’s financial literacy workshops. Tina used what she learned to invest in a 401k plan and has $5,000 in a savings account!

Will you answer the challenge and create change with your $25 monthly investment? You can create meaningful change in a woman’s life, the community, and for the future.

Looking to challenge poverty in your life? Find out more about CEDA services and if your eligible to transform your life like Tina.

3 thoughts on “International Women’s Day: Choose to Challenge Poverty. Empower Women like Tina.

  1. This is an amazing story. As an employee of CEDA, stories like this keeps me motivated and encourages me to work even harder.

  2. Hi my name is Ronaldo Dase and I need help paying my gas light and water bill because of my mom that’s up in age and loss of memory I didn’t know that her bills was she wasn’t paying the bills until I got here and she’s right now in the hospital and I’m trying to figure out a way how can I get some assistance paying off these bills because I had to move back here to help her out not knowing what was going on and just lost in words trying to figure out how can I keep my mom’s house and the lights and gas because pretty soon they’re going to release her and she need the lights and gas and water because she’s on oxygen

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