In the Game of Life, players don’t start on equal footing. But they can learn strategies to get ahead and come out on top! Our Life Skills Class aims to give Chicagoland youth the tools and knowledge to build a bright future.

Recently, we hosted The Game of Life Youth Symposium through FsACE’s Life Skills Class and in  collaboration with Thornton Fractional North High School And Urban Male Network, bringing together South Chicagoland youth with young professionals from across industries like; real estate, radio production, cosmetology, and nursing.

Youth Planned, Youth Led 

Two high school students in the South Chicago Suburbs pose during the event.

Youth planned the entire event, including identifying career pathways of interest and connecting with professionals from CEDA’s network to secure volunteers for the symposium. 

The panel discussion was a highlight of the day, providing youth an opportunity to ask our volunteers questions about the realities of the various professions, career-building, educational requirements for career paths, and the life skills that will undoubtedly help our youth thrive. Our students generated thoughtful questions from peer surveys, asking classmates what they wanted and needed to know from young professionals. And a youth photographer even documented the event! 

Young Professional Volunteers from Our Youth’s Communities 

Though youth chose the volunteers, we were hyper-focused on presenting them options of  young professionals and entrepreneurs from the South Suburban Area. Sharing community ties and background with our youth allowed volunteers to connect with them in authentic and powerful ways. Youth benefitted from hearing the victories and challenges of successful adults who looked like them and came from similar communities. 

Volunteers included authors, mental health professionals, a real estate agent, digital media experts, a barber shop owner, post-secondary professionals, hair care entrepreneurs, and a an artist who has been featured on Spotify, among others. 

Inspired? Invest in Youth

The future of our Chicagoland workforce and economic viability depends on our youth. If you want to see more youth development events like the Youth Symposium, invest by donating or volunteering today.

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