For over half a century, CEDA has been making a difference in the lives of countless Chicagoland residents. So far, we’ve served 334,122 individuals and 172,751 households. But while these numbers might tell you the size of our impact, what really matters is the people. Today we’d like to take a moment to highlight three of our previous clients who were all kind enough to share their inspiring stories with us.

Allan Williams

Mr. Williams is an older gentleman, sitting on his couch for this picture.Meet Allan, our friend who lives in Bellwood, Chicago. When Allan’s wife passed away, he was worried he would be unable to pay his utility bills on his own. Fortunately, he heard through his local senior citizens center about CEDA’s weatherization program. Allan now wants people to know they’re never alone –  CEDA’s services are always there when needed.

Read his full story here

Bernida Davenport-McWhite

Bernida looks into the distance with a determined look on her face.Bernida is another inspirational story. She was having trouble paying her gas and light bills and was worried these utilities were going to get shut off. Fortunately, Berinda applied for CEDA’s Utility Bill Assistance program, which offers assistance for utility needs such as light, gas, and water bills. CEDA came through just in time and Bernida was able to keep her lights on and house warm during her hardship. Satisfied with CEDA’s programs, she spread the word to the community and actively enrolls her neighbors in need to help others like her who struggle to make ends meet.

Read her full story here

“You are not alone”

As Allan said, you are not alone. Whether it’s helping you pay your electric bill or making sure you and your kids have access to healthy food, our services can ensure that you and your family are able to safely endure these difficult times. Hopefully CEDA won’t just warm your home, but also your heart. Now more than ever it’s important for us to be there for each other and help the most vulnerable in our communities.

If you’re a former or current client of ours and would like to share our story, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

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  1. Recently filled out an application for engery program, was application received? I need the help. Ph # 773-673-7317. should I resubmit my application?

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